Biznet Gio Managed Kubernetes

Reliable, efficient, and maintenance-free Dedicated Kubernetes Infrastructure in Indonesia

A one-stop solution to integrate Kubernetes into your business. Eliminate complexity starting from implementation to managing Kubernetes clusters. Easily run Kubernetes on the scalable and highly-available environment and grow your service at ease.


Powerful Way to Integrate Kubernetes Into Your Business

Cloud-native has become a widely adopted standard in IT development as businesses seek to swiftly innovate, as you can deploy apps anywhere within seconds and improve the end-user app experience. Kubernetes is one of the top leading container orchestrators and used by many companies to adopt agile development practices. The profound Kubernetes management is the key to successful digital transformation and accelerates time to market. With our cloud expert assistance, get a hassle-free and optimized Kubernetes management to leverage and grow your business faster.


How We Can Help


Proactive Cluster Monitoring

Let your containerized application runs at scale, and our cloud expert provides extensive monitoring on your Kubernetes cluster, logs, and reports over the time to ensure your Kubernetes environment runs smoothly.

Seamless Design to Implementation

Reducing the hassle for planning and implementing Kubernetes by aligning with your business objectives and deliver the detailed Kubernetes architecture design along with the seamless implementation.

Fully Assisted Data Migration 

As the existing systems and Data need to migrate to the Kubernetes cluster, side by side, our expert will assist your migration process to be done on-track and on-time.

Resource Efficiency

Maximize your resource usage by transforming to microservice using Kubernetes. Our cloud expert will help to determine the most optimized computing resources needed by each application and instances across the cluster.

CI/CD Performance at Best 

Using any kind of CI/CD platform such as Jenkins and Ansible with the best scenario to ensure CI/CD pipeline runs smoothly. Manage and release new versions of the application swiftly and support high availability and safe rollbacks if needed.

Support Multi-cloud Environment  

Deploy Kubernetes to any virtualization platform, transforming your infrastructure by serving a multi-cloud environment from private-cloud, public cloud, to hybrid cloud.



Why Managed Kubernetes?

Implementing and integrating Kubernetes into the existing system can be challenging. It requires the right tool and trustworthy partner. Biznet Gio cloud experts are ready to deliver a holistic Kubernetes solution from consultation, design, to implementation. You can focus on the business as we manage the Kubernetes cluster and empower every step of the digital transformation at ease.

"Now, we can upgrade and develop more features in just a click away. Everything is on the fly and adjustable."
Andre Pratama Adiwijaya (Acting CTO of UangTeman).


Scale and Grow the Business Apps Faster 

Eliminate the complexity of managing Kubernetes clusters with automatic security patches, upgrades, proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, auto-healing, and more. Confidently run production-grade Kubernetes and focusing on project improvement to support your business core. 
  • Highly Scaleble Kubernetes Cluster, enable the massive service workloads without the hassle managing on the Kubernetes cluster level. Scale up easily with resiliency on any cloud infrastructure — or on hybrid or multi-cloud model.

  • Cloud Cost Optimized, have better cloud cost control and prediction as we design the Kubernetes architecture based on specific business objectives. Increase your cloud infrastructure efficiency through continuous insights and proactive optimization. Get the most effective resource to transform your existing infrastructure.

  • Improving Services Value by scaling up containerized apps capabilities, we ensure day-to-day operation of Kubernetes, combining the management with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodology & workflow, planning of the lifecycle capacity.

  • Enhanced Security, we assist you to secure every technology stack from the infrastructure to the cluster itself, including the containers running inside the cluster and all of the additional services that run on the application.



Biznet Gio Managed Kubernetes Features Set 


Multi-tenancy, Role Delegation 

Support multi-tenant capabilities to Kubernetes Platform for Role and Quota delegation.

Secure Private Registry 

Providing Secure and Private Registry for Customer.

Business Continuity (Data Migration, Data Protection)

Backup and Recover Kubernetes resources and persistent volumes.

Cloud Native CI/CD Pipeline 

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Kubernetes Compatible 

100% Compatible with the Kubernetes Manifest & API.

Services Mesh and Observability 

Traffic Management, Security, Service Control, Observability.


Automate Deployment to Accelerate Release 


As a Silver Member of The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) based in Indonesia,  Biznet Gio Cloud ensures your version of Kubernetes supports the required API to enables interoperability from one Kubernetes installation to the next and easily migrate your existing cluster to Biznet Gio Cloud.